Sno-Magic on the trail

The Sno-Magic A team at CMM's Snow Mountain Ranch race early 2017.  Right leader Stormy passed away suddenly in late 2017 and it was a great loss for our team.


Montana of Copper Creek, SD
We obtained Montana in 2002 from JD Bothum, a retiring musher.  Montana was a “once in a lifetime” dog for us - with a gentle manner and an incredible work ethic!  He was bred to Fly and thus began our journey to merge the racing lines with our show lines.  We are now blessed with his children and grandchildren who continue with his legacy on the trail.  We miss Montana dearly.

Cheri Cubbison running the dark faced team at the Casper Mountain Canines for Charity race 2011.  She came in 3rd in the 8 dog class with only 6 dogs.  Dillon in left lead with daughter Torrey in right lead.  Sons Wyatt in left team, Stormy in right team and Cody in right wheel.  Brother Monarch in left wheel.

Cheri Cubbison with the A team 2005. Gazer and Diamond in lead, Dillon and Montana in wheel.

The A team again 2005.

Dillon and Montana 2005.

Seeley and Gazer running at Granby with Carolyn Doss 2006.

Carolyn again 2006.

Mike with the A team at Casper Mountain 2007

The A team at a CMM race in 2016 with Peter Meinig driving.