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Pictured above is team Sno-Magic at the start of a Rocky Mountain Sled Dog Club race at Grand Lake, Colorado in February, 2000.

Here they are after 6 miles. In 1999 we added an older Siberian leader from racing lines to train our upcoming young leader. It worked out so well we now have four Siberians from racing lines. Our show dogs run alongside the racing dogs. Fly and Duchess are in lead, Annie and L.C. in team, Willie and Chug in wheel.

Here is another photo of Mike with our team at the Casper Mountain race with Diamond and Jenny in lead, Sarah and Teton in team and Cody and Dillon in wheel.

Please feel free to contact us at dogbreath2@snomagic.com for further information about Siberian Huskies in general or Sno-Magic Siberians in particular.